“The interplay between the string quartet and Ilario’s piano is absolutely superb, his complex compositional structures performed with a playful virtuosic dexterity, a sense of fun inherent throughout each piece.”

Justin Turford on “Be yourself” Truth and Lies Magazine

About Ilario Ferrari

About Ilario Ferrari

Early Years and Musical Journey

Born In southern Italy in a picturesque city called Terracina, Ilario has manifested a musical vocation since his early years. Though his grandfather was a reputed song-writer, Ilario never had the chance to meet him and grew up in a "non musical" family. Under the mentorship of guitarist Andrea Renzelli during his teenage years, Ilario delved into formal music education, mastering the guitar and self-teaching piano and composition. At just seventeen, his inaugural band, VST, earned a coveted spot in the finals of the prestigious national competition "Rock Targato Italia'' in Milan.

Upon completing high school, Ilario ventured to Rome and co-founded the "Studio Mobile" recording studio with sound engineer and lyricist Giovanni Leo. For five years, he showcased and developed his versatility as a pianist, guitarist, and composer, crafting a diverse array of music projects, from orchestral works to pop/rock productions.

Musical Education and Recognition

After completing Medical engineering studies, Ilario attended the Licino Refice Conservatory, gaining a First Class Degree with Honours Jazz Piano in 2015, having the opportunity to hone his piano and composition skills under the guidance of outstanding Musicians inside and outside the conservatory, including Daniele Bravi, Paolo Tombolesi, Greg Burke, Roberto Spadoni, Marco Tiso and Maria Baptist.

Post-graduation, Ilario secured an EU scholarship, "Working With Music," and relocated to London, where he worked as a pianist and composer at Quadra Recording Studio with Enrico Pinna for seven months.  At the studios he arranged for a variety of ensembles including for string players from the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

In 2016, Ilario stepped into the spotlight as a bandleader and composer with the release of "Spread," an album of contemporary Pop/Funk ensemble songs. Two successful music tours in Sicily followed in 2015 and 2016, marking the beginning of his flourishing artistic career.

Educator and Advocate for Music Education

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Ilario recognises the transformative power of music education. In the UK, he taught piano and composition at Colours in Music and spent three impactful years at Kings Langley Secondary School, where he nurtured the school jazz orchestra. His work culminated in a 2019 tour in Germany, showcasing the talents of 31 young musicians.

While maintaining a keen interest in inspiring budding musicians through private lessons and masterclasses, Ilario transitioned to focus on his artistic career in 2018.

Recent Years and Collaborations

In recent years, Ilario has blended classical compositions, contemporary jazz, and rhythms of Indian and Mediterranean cultures. His piece "Awakening," premiered in 2019, marked a significant step in this artistic exploration.

Teaming up with Charlie Pyne (double bass) and Katie Patterson (drums), The Ilario Ferrari Trio achieved global acclaim with their debut album "Childhood Memories" in 2021. Invited to the Watford Jazz Festival Gala in 2022, they premiered "Playground," a composition for jazz trio and orchestra, sparking a collaboration with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.

Celebrating their two-year anniversary in January 2023 with a sold-out show at the iconic Pizza Express Jazz Club in London, the trio introduced vocal harmonies into their repertoire. They are currently working on their highly anticipated second album, "Above The Clouds," slated for release in autumn 2024.

Diverse Collaborations and Ongoing Projects

Ilario collaborates with inspiring musicians worldwide, cultivating longstanding partnerships like the one with Berlin-based guitarist and composer Enrico Olivanti. Notable recent collaborations include several performances with Cuban violinist Omar Puente, exploring the fusion project "Mediterranean meets Cuba.”

April 2023 saw the release of "Be Yourself," an album for piano and string quartet in collaboration with the Ondanueve String Quartet. Presented at the iconic Kings Place in London, the album showcased Ilario's commitment to pushing artistic boundaries integrating his Jazz Trio with the Soli Strings quartet.

Continual Growth and Musical Exploration

Ilario remains committed to continuous growth as a performer and creator, exploring the endless possibilities that Music offers to connect, inspire and uplift the hearts of people of all ages and backgrounds.