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Childhood Memories Album

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Childhood Memories, composed between June and December 2020 is a journey through a series of musical portraits inspired by memories of the composer’s childhood in southern Italy, many of which deeply resonating with the historical moment we are all living in.

An incredible balance between fearless jazz improvisations, meditative atmospheres, structured compositions and sounds from the Mediterranean culture, the Ilario Ferrari trio's "Childhood Memories" is a romantic, searching, tender work but swinging when it needs to be.

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JUNE 1st, 2023
London, Uk

'Be yourself' album launch

Live at the King's Place

Ilario ferrari trio & Soli Strings

An eclectic Jazz Pianist, Piano accompanist and ensemble leader.


The orchestral work "Awakening", the new piano quintet 'Be Yourself 2", "Childhood Memories" for Jazz Trio, and much more.


Piano, theory, composition teacher. A full rounded approach to Music educations that includes improvisation from the early stages

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'Be Yourself' Album Release

April 21, 2023

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'Be Yourself' Album Release Party

June 1, 2023

live at King's Place (Hall 2)

London King's Cross St. Pancras, UK

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"I’ve long listened to Ilario’s compositions, and his latest work is as enjoyable as ever. Rich stories are told through Ilario’s mastery of the keyboard alongside his meaningful explanations of different tracks that make listening to a live show pleasurable and understood. The trio feed off each other effortlessly grabbing cues and developments for great improvisation and undoubtable musicianship.”

Chris Newstead,
Watford Jazz Junction

"A performance that makes you travelling with the imagination without the need to book a flight-ticket."

Enrico Olivanti,
Jazz guitarist, composer and Professor at the Hochschule für Musik Von Weber Dresden

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"Works ranged widely, from arresting and bracing to meditative and melancholic. His musical gesture betrays his total artistic integrity and belief in his work, the smiles of all of them was testament to their tight ensemble and groove."

Rowan Baker,
Conductor Hitchin Symphony Orchestra and Letchworth Sinfonia

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