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feb 6, 2024

Ilario Ferrari trio & Solistrings - "Be Yourself" and more...

We are back live at the
"Pizza express Jazz club"


we are currently working on our new trio album due to release in autumn 2024....

Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds

Childhood Memories album cover

Be Yourself


"Be yourself" is the third album as band leader for Ilario Ferrari, Italian origin, UK resident pianist and composer.  A new adventure born out of a collaboration with the Neapolitan "Ondanueve String Quartet". This project released on the 21st April 2023 and will be brought live in a UK tour that will combine his trio, the string quartet and video projections in a series of unique performances that will explore and challenge the boundaries between Jazz, chamber Music, and sounds of the world.

Pianist Ilario Ferrari put together an unforgettable show with bassist Charlie Pyne and drummer Katie Patterson. Special guest, Cuban violin virtuoso Omar Puente completed a lineup that explored just about every dimension of musical performance..
Dave Keech
for Jazz Up Hitchin 2023

Out now

Childhood Memories is the debut album of the Ilario Ferrari trio with Charlie Pyne on Bass and Katie Patterson on Drums. A fine balance between jazz improvisations, meditative atmospheres, structured compositions and sounds from Mediterranean culture...

Childhood memories

Childhood memories