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Ilario Ferrari Trio

The Ilario Ferrari Trio’s debut one year ago at the Lauderdale house, live streamed in Europe has been very successful. From the very first performance, the synergy between them and their capacity to bring the audience in a beautiful emotional Journey has been very clear to the audience and to them. Their debut album“Childhood memories”is now receiving enthusiastic feedback around the world. It has been nominated“One of the best jazz albums in 2021”by the Russian Jazz magazine Jazzists. It has been streamed and playlists and radios in US, Germany, UK, Russia, Brazil, France, Poland, Spain, and Italy.

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“..And although for financial reasons no advertising machine is started yet for the Italian pianist and his fellow campaigners (drums: Katie Patterson, bass: Charlie Pyne): The seven very lyrical and wonderfully transparently produced original compositions are definitely worth listening to..”

Holger True,
Hamburg Daily newspaper

“..A mixture of experimental jazz, modern classical music and Yoga...The music of the trio sounds dreamy, romantic....bright as if they were trying to capture the Italian sun"

Alexia Foelsch,
German Blogger
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“...Childhood Memories is a solid, confident work - sounds as if someone made an im-portant decision for themselves, believed in themselves, realised their strength and ma-turity... This is key to the whole album of Ferrari and partners: a slightly ironic attentionto your own past and pure pleasure in where this past has taken you...”

Yuri Lnogradsky,
for Jazzist (Russian Magazine)
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Be Yourself Project

"Be yourself" is the third album as band leader. A new adventure born out of a friendship and collaboration with the well known Neapolitan "Ondanueve String Quartet". This project will be released in April 2023 and brought live in a UK tour that will combine his trio and string quartet in a series of unique performances that will explore and challenge the boundaries between Jazz, chamber Music, and sounds of the world.

"Be yourself" is a quest in Music into the meaning and feeling of being-ness that seems to underline all our experiences. It is an audio-visual project with many improvised sections and interplay between strings and piano, in the context of two structured instrumental suites. The project will also be presented live with video projections that interact with the Music and the improvisations.

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